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    dynamic textfield html rendering problem

      hi. please some help in this issue.
      i havve a dinamyc texfield that is populated by a string that i loaded from an external xml file
      it looks like this:
      <item titulo="aura - soma" src="media/bo1.jpg" ><![CDATA[
      2005 promotional
      (m. zacarias and p. burgeff)]]></item>
      <item titulo="biga - usa" info="" src="media/bp1.jpg" >gourmet european style bread&lt;br&gt;label branding</item>
      <item titulo="la balance" info="french style bakery\rfruit cake label" src="media/bp7.jpg" ></item>


      the first item shows the content with a line break. as it is supposed
      the second item doesnt render the &lt;br&gt; as html and shows <br>
      ithe third item same as second and shows \r

      so im not able to introduce any linebreak unless i use the cdata type of node.
      it shouldnt be happening. the xml is utf 8 encoded. the textfield is html true. via actonscript and in properties.
      so i dont know what im doing wrong
      i use firstChild , firstChild.nodeValue and attributes to retrieve the data from the xml object, so ithink i covered any possible option.
      i run a macbook pro with 1gbram and macromedia flash 8 professional