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    double screens 4k render setting to mp4


      hi all,

      i've created a project in after effects that will be displayed on dual 4k monitors, the comp setting is 7680x2160 (which is two 4k comps 3840x2160)

      i'm using after effects cs6 on a i7-4770 CPU @3.40GHz with 16Gb RAM 64-bit

      my graphic card is GeForce GTX 760


      when i try to render it as mp4 with H.264 codec this message appears and the final output is distorted to 4096x2160



      anyone has an idea on what to do? i need it mp4 cause i've tried to export as mov but the files are huge

      Note: the animation length is around 30minutes but i'm rendering it as small part of around 2minutes each in mov format


      i would really appreciate your help.

      thanks in advance