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    automate captions generation

    ascotto Level 1

      Hi all, I'd need a way to automate captions generation.

      I have to manually place bunches of images into some pages, and then apply static captions to all (already set with metadata and paragraph style).

      Is there a way to tell indesign to:

      select every item on every page;

      generate static captions (it wouldn't affect non-picture elements, right?).


      Is there either a way to address a shortcut in a script? I'm not good at all in scripting, I've only made a simple applescript once, but it took me hours for just a dozen of lines…

      Actually, now I manually hit cmd+a (select all), alt+shift+c (custom shortcut to generate static captions), then i go to the next page and repeat. Could it be automated?


      Thanks a lot for your support!