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      I am moving our site to CFMX7 and have created an application.cfc my question is do all application variables have to be set in the application.cfc.

      I have application variables that are not set here but when I go to another page and do a dump of my appliction variables only the ones that are set on the application.cfc show up.

      For example I store some queries in application variables and on the page that calls the queries it check to see if the application variable exisits if not it will then run the query and save it as application.queryname. --- but it doesn't look like this works in CFMX7

      Any help would be great, thanks.
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          molsengolden Level 1
          ok.. I figured it out.... it is friday and I need to go home... I forgot to comment this out while I was debugging so all my application variables were being reset....

          <cfset THIS.applicationtimeout = CreateTimeSpan(0,0,0,0)>

          So its working the way I thought it should.