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    Footer issue: I need 2 words of static text + auto page numbering + today's date, all tabbed

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      I'm trying to get a weekly document out of MSHell and into InDesign. Am setting up headers, footers, etc. to automate as much as possible. I would like a footer that I can store in the Library, or just keep on a Master page, where I have two words of static text, automatic page numbering at the centre of the text box, and automatically have today's date on the right. So far, in the text box that will become the footer I'm using text that is left justified with 3 tabs, the first a left justifed tab to indent my static text, then a center tab so that my page number is in the centre of the page, and the 3rd tab is a right justified tab. The issue I'm running into is that when I right click where the date is to go, and choose Type/Text Variable/Insert Text Variable/Output Date, the date which appears is not today's date. Clock and date in System Prefs is correct, but the date is wrong. What am I missing here? It's as though InDesign can't see what date it is today. Also, I want to save this as an .indt file so that anyone who needs to can grab this template and flow in the required copy. Image attached for reference. Thanks in advance.

      Screen Shot.png