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    Where is my text going!


      I have a 200 page document using a template I have used many many times. When I go to create a TOC. it lists the first heading in the book, says it's done, and ALL THE OTHER TEXT DISAPPEARS FROM MY BOOK! Does anyone have any ideas. I have saved...closed...reopened...saved a backup....looked for oddball text blocks...

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Open the Story editor when a text frame is selected (Edit > Edit in Story Editor). There may be a hidden character in the text which is keeping the text from flowing from that frame.

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            DebG_ Level 1

            I want to thank you so much for your speedy answer. It turns out that, although I am keeping you input on file for future possible need, in continuing to research after I put this question up - I found that answer that worked for my problem. It turn out I had my TOC pages threaded with the main text - once I fixed this (through a series of cutting all text, removing TOC text, unthreading TOC pages, then recopying text so that it was no longer connected to the TOC pages - IT WORKED! I write this here in case it helps someone else looking into this - or perhaps everyone else knew this. I have created a lot of books over many many years - this is the first time I ran into this.


            But truly - thanks again for your feedback.