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    Invisible text to add entry to nav toc.

    Monica MurphyTFP Level 1

      Is it possible to somehow add invisible text that can add an entry to the nav toc of a reflowable epub? I have a book with full page images and type overlayed for the section openers. I can get the section names in the ID toc, just not the nav toc because I need to rasterize the image and section name text. Any ideas would be great!

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          Scott Citron Adobe Community Professional

          I had the same problem. Here's how I solved it:


          1. Create an Invisible Text paragraph style. Specifics of style don't matter.
          2. Apply the Style to the text you want to be included in your navigational TOC.
          3. Export to EPUB.
          4. Open EPUB using eCanCrusher or some other utility.
          5. Open CSS file inside of OEPBS folder.
          6. Find your Invisible Text paragraph style in the CSS document.
          7. Change the color: attribute to ffffff  (white)
          8. Save CSS file and close.
          9. Use eCanCrusher to reconstitute the folder into a .epub document.

          The only downside to this fix is if the reader changes the device display to anything other than white, the text will show. In this case there is also a way to add a 0% transparency attribute to the CSS, which I'm investigating.


          Hope this helps.

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            Scott Citron Adobe Community Professional

            Again, my friend and problem-solver extraordinaire Bob Levine came to the rescue with a better solution to this problem.

            Create a paragraph style called Invisible. Don't worry about how the style looks. Color can be black or whatever.

            Apply Invisible style to text that you want to hide on screen but want to appear in your navigation TOC.

            Write a short CSS file like this:

            p.Invisible {

            display: none;


            Save CSS file.

            Export as EPUB. In the Export dialog go to CSS  > Attach Style Sheet.

            Add Invisible style into your document TOC style and then choose Layout > Update Table of Contents.


            That's it!