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    I have an HTML5 Form that sends a NULL (%)  if the user does not make a selection. It works great, however I get a W3c error on the value of '%'. Is there another way to send a NULL value?

    James McKee Ford Level 1

      I have a HTML5 Form that allows the user to select 1 of 6 provinces of Costa Rica. If they do not select a Province, I use php code to send a NULL and the other search selections from the form to search all Provinces. If they select a province, we search for database records that are located in that province.  Currently I use value="%" as the selected value if the user does not make a selection. It works and searches all provinces, however I get a W3c check error on the value="%". Is there another way to send a NULL. P.S: I have the same problem on the next form which selects the Business Category. The page is http://www.yellowpagescr.com


      Below is a copy of the code. The line in RED works but gets a W3c error upon testing the page.:


      <form class="navbar-form navbar-center" role="search" action="#searchresults" method="get" name="selectterms" id="selectterms" title="">

                <select name="province"  autofocus class="copyright" title="Click to Select a Province (Optional)">

                  <option value="%" selected="selected">All Provinces</option>

                <option value="alajuela">Alajuela</option>

                <option value="cartago">Cartago</option>

                <option value="Guanacaste" selected>Guanacaste</option>

                <option value="heredia">Heredia</option>

                <option value="Limon">Limon</option>

                <option value="Puntarenas">Puntarenas</option>

                <option value="San Jose">San Jose</option>

                <option value="Other">Other</option>