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    Premiere Elements 9 does nothing after loading; won't load new project - please help!


      Hoping someone here can help...


      Upfront I will admit that I am not the best at searching the internet for answers to complicated computer issues (or at least complicated to me). I've done my best to try and search for information or help with the problem I am having, but have only ended up more confused and frustrated.


      I was able to run Premiere Elements 9 on my old PC (Windows 7 - Home) for quite some time with no troubles. However, just this past week I splurged on a brand new PC (Windows 10) and cannot get Premiere Elements to function properly at all.


      My problem:

      Premiere Elements will load. The program will open. It will ask me to name my new project, I do, and then it does nothing. It does not load a project timeline/layout/anything. It is just an open, blank window. All of the menu options for anything across the top are all grayed out - apart from creating a new project, opening a project, and the Help options. Creating a new project does nothing - as I've already said. I have no projects to try and open, so I'm left with little options there. If I try and open one I have named in my attempts to get the program to work, I get a notice of a serious error resulting in Elements needing to close. I click 'ok' (as it being my only option), and get a second error message: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library - Runtime Error! Premiere Elements - This application requested the runtime to terminate in an unusual way. Please contact support for more information.


      I've installed both discs I have for Premiere Elements.

      I've uninstalled, reinstalled, uninstalled, reinstalled...

      I've downloaded that extra patch/file for Elements 9.

      I've done the troubleshooting and told it that I could run in Windows 7, but it did nothing (granted, again, this is a different computer now with Windows 10).

      I've downloaded/updated QuickTime.

      I've updated Windows, drivers, etc.

      I've created a second user profile for the computer as an admin (as I saw someone had suggested something like that to have worked for a problem of their own) - didn't help. Same problems.


      I'm about to just give up on this program all together and buy something else...


      I'm not amazingly savvy when it comes to computers, so hopefully someone can explain a solution for me in an easy-to-understand manner... If the problem is too complicated for me to fix, again, I may end up just calling it quits and getting something else. I'd really prefer not to have to do that though...


      Hopefully someone here can help me.


      Thanks so much in advance if anyone is able to offer any information, suggestions, opinions, or help! I'd very much appreciate it as I am completely at a loss now...