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    Animate CC being incredibly slow and not responding

    svphie Level 1

      I'm using animate CC for a project and every time I try to move more than one object the program slows down and takes ages to load anything. Its been fine until I added a lot of seperate pngs on different frames that I need to move together, which I guess is slowing it down, but there's not much way around this. I don't want to have to move them all individually... and when I right click on the program it says 'Application not responding' quite often. Closing other programs doesn't help.I need this to be fixed as I have a tight deadline and so much of my time is going wasted.


      Animate CC I recently downloaded as a trial a few days ago to use instead of After Effects trial.

      I'm using a Macbook pro, OS X El Capitan V10.11.3. Have enough free space and 8gb ram.