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    Quick ssd question (again)


      I asked a similar question last week that helped me narrow down my choices. Now however I am just wanting a bit of confirmation before i pull the trigger on a final purchase. Would i get better throughput with a 1.2 tb intel 750 or 3 512gb 850 pros in raid0? These drives will only be storing source media and will be cleaned off after each project. I am asking because I am a little leary about the real world preformance of ssd raid and from reviews i have read the 750 intel seems to be more catered towards small random writes. I am working with r3d 4.5 k so i will need strong sequential read. Sorry for asking another similar question but i just cant seem to find specific answers! Thanks ks a bunch.

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          Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Would you like this from the Intel

          Now I do not currently have a 3x RAID0 CrystalDiskMark but here iis a 2x RAID0 950Pro result that you can extrapolate to 3 devices


          But the question is will >6000 MB/s read rate on you media only improve your performance over 2000 MB/s.  You might consider just putting in your three devices an a Spanned volume and avoid any RAID

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            JEShort01 Level 4

            You will be fine with either - but I would say its a tough choice.


            I just did a test with similar, but NOT identical drives:

            - Intel 750 400GB - single track RED r3d 4.5k playback at 100% resolution on 4K monitor -> zero lost frames

            - 4x 128GB M550 SSD drive RAID 0 array (4 drives, but so small I'd say inferior to a 3x 850 Pro RAID 0 array) -> zero lost frames


            Scrubbing was pretty strong for both.


            When I upped the playback to 4 layers of r3d 4.5k, both drives were loosing some frames (~150 for 20 seconds) still at full resolution. Scrubbing was definitely choppier, but similar for the single 750 and the 4x RAID 0 array.


            I ran a quick test with a single layer 6K timeline and the results were pretty similar to the 4 layer 4.5k project, and both options performed to about the same level.



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              JEShort01 Level 4

              I don't put a whole lot of faith in reading benchmarks and translating that to Premiere Pro performance, but for what its worth, here are the CrystalDiskMark results for the Intel 750 and 4x SSD array that I just used for the timeline testing:


              Intel 750 400GB: (note 1.2 TB is faster, like what Bill shows above):



              And here's for the 4x SSD array:





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                tbanger101 Level 1

                Thanks Jim, Im sort of leaning towards the 850 option because by next year there will be huge developments on the pcie drive front im thinking so waiting a bit might be good for that. And the 850's can be easily repurposed to other tasks or computers if i upgrade and go the pcie route. What do you think would be superior, 4 512gb or 3 1tb drives?  And the raid will be done just through the mother board and not a raid controller. So I am not sure exactly what effects that will have compared to your test results.

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                  Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                  I have many times disappointed in synthetic benchmarks but the current CrystalDiskMark sequential Write performance runs very close to the PPBM Disk I/O export time


                  For instance the Samsung 950 Pro test

                  And with this same 950 Pro with our PPBM Disk I/O I find that it typically takes 24 seconds which equates to 1545 MB/s

                  With my older Samsuing 840 Pro's this is what CDM shows:

                  And the corresponding export time PPBM Disk I/O is 76 seconds which equates to 488MB/s write rate


                  So CDM is somewhat indicative of real world applications

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                    tbanger101 Level 1

                    Thanks for the input Bill. I was thinking of placing 850 pros into a raid and not 950s. I dont think 2 950s will give me enough space and buying 3 seems a little expensive and I dont think i would have the space.