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    Data Merge Scripting for Iterating Multi-Page Pdf per Row Instance


      Hey everyone,


      My problem is that another department in our company sends us a 'grid,' which is just a CSV that's "ready" for us to import into InDesign's Data Merge, yet the Pdf files they're sending us, which are supposed to correspond to the grid by filename are a lot of times, multi-page Pdfs.


      My current workflow is to gather all Pdfs into a single directory, extract any pages in a multi-page Pdf to create many single page Pdf, name appropriately, and finally append the CSV they gave us by copying and paste-inserting the affected rows and changing the appreciate filenames.


      My goal, if it's possible with scripting in AppleScript, JS, or VBscript would be to be able to use the CSV they give us, with the multi-page Pdfs without doing the above workflow. Instead, I would like for the Data Merge script to read a row's instance, check if associated file is a multi-page Pdf and if so, iterate though and create new ' Data Merge Pages(?)' with that row's instance data. Once the Pdf's, associated with the row, has been iterated through and all pages have been created, it moves on to the next row and so on...


      Sorry for not explaining too well.... I've either had too much caffeine today or not enough. Thank you in advance.