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    Can you recover the timeline


      I was working on a sketch and was using the undo button and after touching if several time it took me way back in the sketch to a point that I lost a couple of hours of work. Is there any way to retrieve what I lost?

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          cherlita Level 3

          Hi, rvrobinson,


          There is history, and hopefully you can access it.

          I am describing the directions using Sketch 3.3. In the top menu, you will see a backward arrow. If you give the backward arrow a long press, a menu will pop-down, showing the backward arrow, a forward arrow and a clock icon. Press the clock icon, and the history should come up. The history is viewed as a blue horizontal line or bar. You should be able to place your finger on the history bar and move it to the right, to restore the progress of your sketch.

          An alternate way to access the history line: hold three fingers down, and the history should come up.


          I hope this is helpful to you!


          Best wishes,