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    Writting to employees.xml

      Good day Everyone, though bumpy I have managed to install Flex and all its good stuff on Windows XP and Server 2000 along with Jrun and Coldfusion mx. It took me a while but can say I learned from the experience. I have two questions and these issues that I have run into I cant get past.

      1. When I access my servers explorer files the applications seems to just run (i see the little watch run and run) now the application itself opens but the mxml code never comes up. Has anyone runned into this situation? This only hapens on Windows Server 2000 and not on my Windows XP install.

      2. When I try the and update, add or delete the changes appear imediately. However when I open the employees.xml or reload the application the file the changes that should have occurred do not appear. Has something been disabled somewhere to prevent that or should there be more code added to make the changes stick?

      Seems like I cant wait till there are some good books out there or the flex 2.0 goes on sale.

      Thanks for the help in advance your loyal friend,