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    Content-heavy project


      I intend to make a content-heavy project (interactive book) with Adobe Muse and Tumult Hype. Has PhoneGap a memory management? I mean, does PhoneGap load to device memory all the content at once or it loads current HTML file only, or may be has a kind of memory management like Adobe DPS? A DPS app loads current page, as well next and previous pages only, but not all the content, that allows to make with DPS content-heavy projects, now I am looking for a replacement.

      Thank you.

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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee

          PhoneGap will only load the resources required for the current HTML page being displayed.


          Now for my 2¢:


          I suggest that Muse isn't the best option here -- you're going to have a poor user experience when navigating between pages for a couple reasons:


          • PhoneGap & plugins have to re-init each page load
          • There will be a flash during the transition to the new page

          Instead, your app should be created as a "single page app". There should be no browser navigation to pages other than index.html (but you can load whatever content you like via JavaScript & XMLHttpRequest). Resources can be loaded dynamically as needed (and eliminated when no longer needed, although you have no control over when the browser performs garbage collection). See Single-page application - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia for more info. Of course, this is far less trivial than a typical website pattern, but well worth the results.

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            Kletsel Level 1

            Thank you for answer