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    Any way to actually get Individual plan in Croatia?

    Damir Zrno

      I thought I would give this question one last try before moving to alternatives as I am quite fond of Photoshop -

      Is there a way to get an individual license in Croatia? I am interested in Photography plan (Photoshop + Lightroom), and I was able to get a trial, download and install it, and was quite pleased with all the upgrades over previous version.
      I would now like to buy the license but I get blocked at the confirmation step when trying to obtain it. The message says CC is not available in Croatia directly and that I should try via re-seller.

      Ok, I tried that, but the only re-seller available offers only team licensing, where I have to pay close to 400$ for a yearly license ( ! ) for Photoshop alone, and have no options of getting Lightroom (as it's only available in the Photography individual package...)

      I think everyone can agree that this is unacceptable for individual users (to say the least).


      Is there any way to legally obtain an individual license for people living in Croatia? Is there even a plan to introduce it in the near future?
      If not, then I'm afraid I will have to say goodbye.