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    Apply a motion tween 'to' a specified position (and not 'from')?

    realjck Level 1

      I use most of the time Flash/Animate to make slides with texts and graphics and to make them appear on the timeline, in sync with a voice over.

      For doing this, I need first to compose the slide layout, with all the elements on the page well positionned (I often create my layouts on Illustrator, and then import them in the Animate scene),

      Now, what I need most of the time is to apply motion tweens, to make my elements appear from the right or from the left, or whatever...


      The main problem I have, is that I would like to use motion tweens presets, but in fact motion tweens apply tween from the position of an element, what I actually would like is to apply a motion tween that starts from a different position, and that goes to the position my object is.


      The only solution I found for now is to make tween by code with snippets and greensock class using the tween.from instruction,

      Is there a way for doing this using the motion tweens presets?