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    pse14 how can i stop autoanalyser working

    sweepling Level 1

      I've had to reinstall PSE 14 and discover that all my photos have been analysed for 'blurry' 'high quality' etc.  I cannot see how to turn that off in PSE 14.  Also, is there a quick way to remove those unwanted tags from the images?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Go to the Preferences in the Organizer (under the Edit menu on a PC) and, on the Media Analysis page, uncheck the two search options.


          Also, in Premiere Elements' Preferences, go to the Auto Analyzer page and uncheck the Auto Analyzer options.


          When you first install the program, the Organizer locates all of your media files and does an analysis of them. This can take a couple of hours to overnight, depending on how fast your computer is and how many photos and videos you have.


          Once it's down that, you won't even notice the Media Analyzer. It will work silently in the background. The information is gathers can help you later as you use a number of the tools in Premiere Elements. So there can be some value in letting it do its initial business.


          All of this is assuming that you've got a decently powered computer with a healthy load of RAM and lots of free space on your hard drive, as you'll need to edit video anyway.