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    Any ideas on what's going on with this font?


      Greetings all, I recently moved my resume (an InDesign document) from my Mac to my PC as I had to switch laptops for work. Since the Helvetica that was on my Mac is apparently not the same as the one that's on my PC, InDesign reported that it couldn't find the font.  Okay, no big problem I thought, I'll just go in and highlight everything and change it to the Helvetica on my PC. So the oddest thing is happening. Certain characters, like the a, o, 1, 2, 3 all appear as a sort of "superscript" (smaller, higher, and the a and o are underlined). I have attached a picture below. So when I type new characters in a paragraph they are the little "superscript" versions. Now if I highlight the character with my mouse, a popup box appears (you can see it in the screenshot) with the "normal" full-sized version of the letter in it that I can select. After doing that, it appears normal.


      Now if I highlight an entire word or paragraph and switch it to another font (say Arial) all the characters appear normal.


      Also, if I type in the Helvetica font in Microsoft Word, all the characters appear the same size (no weird "superscripting").


      So do I have some kind of setting on or could there be some setting checked in my file that I just don't know about? This is incredibly strange to me and I'l like to be able to write a cover letter without having to go back in and individually highlight and "change" 100 characters!