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    How can I make animation page to stop jumping into next page until the full content of next page is fully loaded in ?


      Hi All,


      I hope you all are doing well in this weekend but I am scratching my head with these TWO problems I am having while developing interactive French learning site in Edge animate.

      I hope to get any suggestions form your experience that with help to complete my project with best result. I am good at programming but not expert one. I still trying to learn to be the expert anyway. I can send my files if you need to debug. Need an urgent Help !!!!!


      Problem 1: Preloading Event

      I made preloading image which is basically screenshot taken from Edge animate software,( Stupid Idea since but there is a reason for that if you see the file ) appears in my developing site http://maisondequartier.com/test/pages/la_reception/la_reception.html is taking maximum size. I want to remove it from all pages but there appears white blank screen when page moves from one page to another. How can I make to remove the white blank screen and wait to jump directly after the content of next is fully loaded. I googled to find out this but I cannot success this. Is that possible with any technology that can be implemented using Edge animate or any best way to solve this problem ?


      Problem 2: Click Event in Apple Devices

      On click event in http://maisondequartier.com/test/pages/la_reception/la-reception-vocabulary.html page on the pictures, it displays the correct text as well as plays audio at the same time.

      When testing with Apple touch devices,  1st touch displays correct text and in 2nd touch plays sound. It is not happening at the same time. What could be the mistake for this since they are working well in other mobile touch deviecs? DO i need to implemet on touch events separately  as well for touch devices?


      I will be very gladful to get any suggestions on these topic. I am sure there are experts out there to solve it !! Lots of Thanks in Advance.