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    Catalog issues


      Stupidly I deleted the latest lightroom back up completely.


      I have managed to find one from start of last month and everything seems fine apart from obviously losing any edit settings I did after the back up date. Now the issue I have is when I used to import images into lightroom they used to end up in the catalog on the left side in the file same as how saved on my external so had say angling photography then in sub folder the month and inside that the event. Now when I import it makes a folder in the left saying 2016 then the date they was created in sub folded.


      This is completely different to how it was and unsure how to solve the issue and get it back to the smooth work flow I had before. Currently I have 3 folders with 2016 instead of them being the name of what they was saved on the external drive.


      Sorry if this is confusing getting things out in writing not my strong point