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    Why won't the new AE preview play more than a second?


      I'm trying to view a tracked sequence in AE 2015, but because of the new preview setup, it won't play more than 20 frames or so before starting its realtime playback and looping. I don't need to see my comp in real-time, I need to see a long stretch of frames so I can see if the track is holding. How can I modify the new preview settings to work like the older ones, or to where they will actually cache a reasonable number of frames before starting the loop? (I have 32G of RAM on my computer, so that's not a problem--Windows 10, Intel i7 processor. I cleared out my cache and that changed nothing. And I'm not running other programs. Comp complexity (which is low) shouldn't be an issue as long as I can trade off realtime for frames shown on playback.)


      I like a lot of 2015, but it seems that the new preview and the lack of multiprocessor/multiframe rendering are HUGE drawbacks. My two cents.