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    LR Cannot Delete 'Rejected' files (MAC Trash)


      When I reject a photo 'X' and then ask LR to both remove from program and delete file, I get the following error: There were 5 files that could not be moved to the Trash folder." The photo don't go away.


      I see other discussions where this has come up with an external drive, this is happening with the local drive on my iMac.






      Further relevant information: This is a new install.. and probably related - I just discovered I also can't move files from within Lightroom from one folder to another. This strongly suggests a 'permissions' issue. Is this an Apple issue or an Adobe issue?

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          KSMoul Level 1

          I resolved this issue.


          Adobe support wouldn't discuss it - issues related to installation and operating systems are only handled Mon-Fri


          I did talk to Apple Support and I wasn't the first person the agent has spoken to on this issue. He had me try a 'test' user and then the same folder of files..copied to an external drive... then back again and everything worked. He then assumed that if I copied the files into a new folder within my current user, it might work - and it did.


          Earlier in the day I had been unable to install the  LR program. It was again, a 'permissions' issue - for reasons the Apple tech did not know. When I migrated my files from a PC, the files were built as read only.  The key for the install was accessing the User/Library File/App support/Adobe/Lightroom and editing it to be Read/Write.


          While the problem with the photo folder should have been the same - all were tagged read/write... it just wouldn't release the files to LR.  Once copied to new folder and reconnected within LR, everything is working fine.