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    Exporting / colour changing issues with LR.




      If found the LR app does this really weird thing...


      If i go to crop a photo suddenly the photo looses a load of colour and contrast and the colours go back to much being much duller. If i cancel the crop, go back, then go back into the photo its ok but if i crop or change another setting its permanent. I know for sure the colours are changing as I've been editing these photos very closely and I actually see the change happen on my iPhone screen.


      This is also happens when i export... the resulting photo has much duller colours!!!


      Even on the LR app on my mac i have to change the jpg export colour settings until i get the right result. This is mainly only in colour and not in B&W.


      Im not sure whether its the way LR on mac and iOS are dealing with raw files but i swear it didn't used to do this.


      Very strange.


      Can someone please tell me if I'm doing something wrong?