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    Burner not recognized


      The burner on my HP desktop Envy Phoenix cto 810 stopped playing DVDs (movies).  I called HP Care Pack helpdesk (a paid service) to correct the problem.  The tech remotely accessed my pc and did something with the filters to enable the burner/player to successfully play movies and audio.  However a few days later I discovered that Premier Elements 13 could no longer burn DVDs.  Previously I had burned dozens over the last few months for a project I am working on for a friend converting her VHS tapes to DVD.  I again called the HP Care Pack help desk and was told that, in spite of the fact the changes they made prevented my software from recognizing the burner it was a software problem and see ya.  Other programs can burn a DVD no problem but Premier Elements does not recognize and burner.  I even upgraded to Premier Elements 14 but that did not help.


      Reboot.  Nada.


      Anyone know how to tweak Elements to hunt for and find the burner on my PC.  Please.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          This is one of those mystery problems that can drive you crazy trying to fix.


          The best/easiest solution is to just output your DVD files to your computer and then use a third party program to burn it to a disc.


          With version 13, you use Publish & Share/Disc, but set the program to burn to a Folder rather than directly to a disc.


          Then use the great, free download ImgBurn to burn the VIDEO_TS folder that was created to a disc.