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    Why Adobe Edge Animate is discontinued ?

    EkjonnNabik Level 1

      Adobe Edge Animate is a very useful software for web developers/designers. It was added new dimension at web animation. Please continue this product and make a remarkable contribution on web development. If you have developer shortage then make it open source. We people will take care of it. Please don't kill this valuable product.

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          nancied Level 1

          Agreed. It's a great tool for people, who don't have big time coding chops or time to mess with Flash ( It's still Flash even with a new name) . Why kill it when even with it's glitches it makes life easier then other products? Open source is a great idea. Adobe, since I can't find another why to tell you not to abandon a great product please take note. Not everyone is a Flash enthusiast.  Adobe didn't abandon Flash when it became a dirty word please don't abandon this community.

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            EkjonnNabik Level 1

            nancied thank you for your post. Actually Adobe Edge is DOM based animation which is really cool for web developers. Lots of possibility, creativity can be happen with Adobe Edge Animate. Still lots of features can be added into Edge Animate like path tool for custom shape drawing instantly, 3D etc. Also we can discuss with enhanced feature list later. On the other hand Adobe Animate CC ( Flash ) is canvas based animation for web. Which is cool for existing traditional animators ( it is a relief for them that is Flash is not dead ). But Adobe Animate CC is not the replacement of Adobe Edge Animate. What web developers can do with Adobe Edge Animate that is not possible with Adobe Animate CC. Adobe Edge Animate gives more control, power, flexibility for controlling animations. In hole world web development community is larger than animators. So we think Adobe should not discontinue this product. This will be a remarkable contribution on web design like previously they had done by inventing Flash.



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              Herbert2001 Level 4

              Whether we like it or not, Edge Animate is done and over with. And Adobe will never allow EA to be open sourced, since it would compete directly with Flash Animate CC. If history taught us one thing, EA going open source isn't happening (Freehand being one example: the community even rallied together to acquire the source code, but in the end Adobe refused).

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                EkjonnNabik Level 1

                Herbert2001 thank you for your reply. Then I think there have another option. Adobe can keep both canvas and DOM based animation at Adobe Animate CC. Then I think both community will be able to use single software. I think that will not be difficult for Adobe.

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                  jacob imac 27 Level 1

                  I have decided to make all my animations in Adobe Edge, and now my animations are all sharp on smartphones and tablets. We online designers dont have time for a long work arounds with Adobe Animate CC, just to make sharp animations. For me Adobe Animate CC is a total flop with unsharp animations for mobile devices. If Adobe Edge is withdrawn, i have to consider my Adobe CC membership. Lots of new software are on the way... so Adobe, think about the future, and dont kill a application we need.

                  Take at look at Tumult, that could be an alternative...

                  Introducing Tumult Hype Professional - YouTube

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                    dean_pironi Level 1

                    I can not stand the Flash timeline, its a joke. The timeline with EDGE Animate is perfect. I really am unhappy with Adobes decision to drop EDGE Animate, I have invested considerable time learning it and selling it into my clients.

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                      stijill2 Level 1

                      I know EA so intuitive. Even After Effects timeline is less convoluted then Flash. Flash's timeline is a hold over from Macromedia Director. And why can't it be as easy to create or edit shapes as it is in Illustrator, Photoshop InDesign, AE …hell even Premier. This is almost "80%" of Adobe's ecosystem. Adobe has to purge any remaining Macromedia DNA that does not fallow Adobe's signature ecosystem.

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                        Barry Weber Level 1

                        I cannot begin to express how much I disagree with Adobe's decision to no longer develop Edge Animate! Having smooth animation that can be created with SVG graphics, animations with transparent backgrounds, Frameless non-jerking animation that is finally professional for creating quality movement in website design and that is plays well on all devices made Edge Animate a superior product. "Flash" Animate CC is junk by comparison. I have spent hundreds of hours with Edge Animate and created quality graphic animations that set my website designs far above anything that can be done in "Flash"Animate CC with it's jerking frames, huge file sizes, and having to work on a frame based timeline that is antiquated on today's devices. The download for Edge Animate is buried in their system so deep, that when I had to re-download it for a computer I switched to an SSD drive, it took over an hour to locate. We pay dearly for this Adobe CC Subscription and to have such a superior product scrapped and no longer part of the service I purchased is letting customer's down on what they agreed to purchase! I don't want to have to purchase Tumult Hype and recreate all my animations when I have already paid for a subscription that is supposed to include Edge Animate!

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                          dean_pironi Level 1

                          I totally agree with you. I am unbelievably disappointed with Adobe. I would of expected them to at least of had a discussion group to listen to what their customers want. I am sick of them continually trying to push Flash.

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                            marjantrajkovski Level 4

                            Adobe Edge Animate is not discontinued. For now, it is paused for further developing because it is finished product.

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                              DrStevil Level 1

                              There is still so much support for Edge Animate available all over the web, and I am 100% certain there are thousands of completely flabbergasted developers, like myself, who cannot for the life of us, work out what happened. WHY WHY WHY?

                              It was intuitive, powerful, worked well.

                              Adobe, please reconsider dropping Edge Animate, as I will NEVER, I repeat.. "N E V E R" use Animate CC. In fact I am uninstalling it.


                              I do not have the time to learn a whole set of scripting and change all my existing animations over to a new platform.

                              It doesn't even have some of the necessary features that we sorely need for decent web based, flash-styled banners etc.

                              Yes, I realise this post is a bit late but I am finding a real need for Edge Animate even now, so I am actually using the "previous version" that is still available until it is finally dropped off entirely.


                              Please consider your CC subscribers needs Adobe.

                              Thanks Ekjonn for asking this very important question.