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    Mesh stuck on rectanglar

    justinf17886851 Level 1

      I'm trying to get the mesh to contour to the character.
      I tried setting it on "contour" and I've also tried deleting all the "islands" of colored pixels around him, but it doesn't seem to want to contour.
      Whenever you guys get a chance, I'd really appreciate your insight!


      Thank you so much!



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          CoSA_DaveS Adobe Employee

          This looks like a Preview 3 bug that will be fixed in Preview 4 (choosing Contour is ignored in some cases). However, if it did work, you'd see that when switching to Contour, his lower legs would disappear -- that's because they are islands disconnected from the upper body. Though they appear to cover this area, the pants don't connect them because they are Warping Independently.


          So, to get Auto to work, draw a connecting line in Photoshop in the Body layer (not group) between the torso and the lower legs.


          If you'd like early access to Preview 4, message me directly with your AdobeID email address.