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    Panorama viewer?




      I'm trying to get a panorama like this http://www.xavierspertini.com/360/haute-maurienne/, made in this software http://www.kolor.com/panotour/ or some similar, on a mobile device in the form of an app. Using gyro control in addition to touch.

      It however must be a standalone app, not just a website.

      My question is, is PhoneGap the right tool to use?

      If yes, what resource do you recommend for learning it?

      Thanks a million times guys

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          shotts@adobe Adobe Employee

          I see no reason why you couldn't create a panorama viewer with PhoneGap. There are plenty of libraries out there that work using JS/HTML/CSS -- one is https://pannellum.org/, which I found with a quick Google search (no idea how /good/ it is).


          Beyond that, all I can say is that you should read the PG docs, and if you run into specific problems, create a new post. It's a lot easier to help with specific problems than it is to offer generic assistance, especially when we don't know your previous experience.

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            PetlaMi Level 1

            lets say I already do have a html5 panorama, which even works well on a mobile device. This part is no problem.

            What would be the best way to get this in a standalone app form? Should I just insert html code in adobe muse, and then just use phonegap to 'translate'?

            or is is better to implement existing panorama html code in phonegap directly?

            about my background, the last time I wrote code was in Pascal.. Better to hirr a freelancer for the job, or is phonegap intuitive enough to learn it for one job alone?