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    Project Settings for 2704x1520 GoPro video


      I was trying to use Shake Reduction in Premiere Elements 14 and I got the error: "Shake reduction requires clip dimensions to match project settings. Create a new project."


      So I did just that. However none of the project presets matched my clip's specs: 2704 x1520 at 23.976 fps. I tried several different presets just to see if they would work, and I tried checking the box for "Force selected Project Setting on this project" but it didn't work and I still got that error message when trying to apply Shake Reduction.


      After searching around I found this thread: Re: How can I export 2.7k video with Elements 13?


      Which led me to this handy page: ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE 13/13.1: 2.7 K Video Stabilization With Shake Stabilizer


      That second link mentions editing a preset file on my computer. I'm unable to find the file (or even the folder) in question. It's either because I'm on a Mac instead of a PC, or because Elements 14 instead of 13. So now I'm stuck.