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    Unequal column heights in a text.

    muratz07 Level 1

      1- I divide a text into multi columns and i want to get them in different heights. Without putting empty text wrap objects,etc., is there a way directly to make this?

      2- Is there an option like "break apart" to divide text into words or letters?


      3- Why it is so difficult to have a simple, cheap, rare gradient in ID? Is it so hard for Adobe to make it same as one in Photoshop? (May be they can make ctrl+c and ctrl+v )



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          By default, ID is going to fill columns completely before moving to the next column.


          You can do a couple of different things to change this. Use threaded single-column text frames and adjust the height of the frames, or insert a column break character wherever you like (the default shortcut for that is the Enter key on the Number pad).

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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant
            1. Normally fills InDesign the first column, then the next so on.
              But you can specify in the object styles or in the text frame options to balance guides.
            2. ??? I don't know what you mean
            3. Photoshop is a pixel program, InDesign is an object program, therefore are different methods used to create a gradient. InDesign gradients cannot be the same as in Photoshop. If you need the same, save it in Photoshop as PSD and place it into InDesign.
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              muratz07 Level 1

              Thanks for your reply.

              1- English is my foreign language, so i might have had some insufficient sentences.

              But, the issue is a known thing, lots of people could see what i mean by "break apart". It's an option name used by Corel Draw. You can break a sentence into words that each one is seperated. Also, words can be seperated into letters.

              Q: Why do we need it?

              A: For example, we write a title in 4 lines. After a time, we want to make each line in different colors and turn the 3. line 45 degrees to try a style etc. In that software (Which i articulated), you use a command named "break apart". Now, all your lines are independent text objects.

              I only asked if there is something like this in ID.


              2- I wished to see GRADIENT TOOL, the box, the window and the ease of this tool same as in photoshop. Not "gradients same in photoshop." Pixel or vector or object. Not different. It's some kind of user friendly workspace issue. In ID you can not create a gradient color easily as other programs. You need to drag the gradient panel at middle of the screen. So you can open swatches panel at the same time becouse you have to drag the color from swatches panel into the little little square box of the gradient panel. If one can not open only gradient panel and click on start color, choose; click on stop color, choose..Is this about being a design program? Ok. I have learnt.