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    Creating a pdf with commenting all within InDesign


      It is literally one of the most frustrating things to be working in Indesign, have to create a PDF for a client and then have to go into Acrobat and add the commenting. Why doesn't InDesign include a commenting feature for export in their software? It would be amazing. Sometimes you are working on a long document and don't remember all the things you need to comment for the client and by the time you actually PDF it and then do the commenting, you'll miss something you needed to make a note of. Additionally, this would be an asset because then if you noticed an error, you could immediately fix within InDesign and export all the comments instead of having to re-insert them everywhere (for example, someone may have wanted a color change throughout the entire book, but to export it now, you'd have to remake the pdf, then redo all the comments in the new PDF).