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    Why is my external hard drive showing up twice in Lightroom?


      My folders for Lightroom 6 are broken down into "2015" and "2016." However, under the folders section on the left, it lists my external hard drive twice, putting 2015 in one of them and 2016 in another one. This wasn't such a big deal, but when I went back and added the "Oct" folder under 2015, it put it under the 2016 folder for some reason. There is no "Oct" folder under 2016 on my hard drive, just in the 2015 folder.


      I tried to move it and it won't let me (since, ironically, it is saying there is already a file named "Oct" that exists there - I know there is, that's why I want to move it where it belongs!". I don't understand what's going on. Very frustrating. Should I delete something and try again? Thanks