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    Tagging specific topics on document


      Hi! I am pretty new on this community, so, if I am writing in the wrong place, please excuse me


      I use InDesign a lot since 2013, and lets say, that I master 80% of the program....and it is really amazing. Now, I am in front a complex task, that could we extremely smooth if I know how to do this:


      I need to elaborate a kind of Portfolio. This portfolio, as an industrial designer, includes a lot of different type of work (automotive design, toys, jewellery, etc)...I want to prepare a "master portfolio", putting there every single project in one (maximal two) pages. Now my idea is, in case I become an opportunity to present my portfolio on a car company (for example), I could simply say to InDesign: "Show me only the Items, which I tagged with the world "Automotive".


      This tag option, could be a simply solution to filter the specific project I am looking for, and could also be integrated with the Index page of the document: Lets say I am having Projects related to the automobile industry on pages 3, 6 and 7. This tag option, applied on the Index, could simply erase/hide from the list of project, the ones, which are not tagged, and put the other projects one bellow the other with the correct page number (1,2,3)


      Is my idea a little too far from reality? If not...is there a way to do this on Indesign?