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    why is there a clip of another video, in my pan/zoom tool screen?

    27sirena del mar

      in premiere elements 10 i have two working projects.  one is the project that i'm creating and the other one is the cutting board where i'm chopping up the videos i download from archive.com to upload in the project i'm creating. now that i finished chopping and put my clips in a folder, i open my project and upload my clips and start working.   when i clicked in pan/zoom tool, what i see in the main window is a clip from a video i cut in a the other project, not the clip that i'm currently working on. at the bottom, where it plays what i'm working on, is the segment that i'm working on.  i can't make the segment i'm working on show in the main screen where i can actually pan and zoom.   i closed the program, opened it again to see if it would go away, it didn't.  i clicked in several places and did some other things i don't even remember, but the thing is that i have that other clip there that shouldn't be there. (i didn't restart the Windows 7, Dell/32 bit laptop, which i'm going to do now in the event that it might work.)


      sirena del mar.


      P.S.: restarting didn't work.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Impossible to say without looking at your project and your video clips. But clips ripped from sites like archive.com could be made up of any number of codecs, resolutions and frame rate, depending on if you downloaded the clips as is from the site or you used a downloader.


          Also versions prior to version 11 of Premiere Elements were very temperamental and you had to manually set up your project settings for every project. If you set up your project improperly, you could run into all kinds of problems.


          But that's just the issues with the video you downloaded.


          You say your other project is one that you're "creating"? Does that mean that it's got no video in it? You're just creating it from scratch using the graphics and titles in Premiere Elements?


          So, as I've said, you could be dealing with any number of issues -- from video that's not compatible with Premiere Elements 10 to improperly set up projects to issues related to the site you downloaded from and how you downloaded the video. I don't think we can even begin to troubleshoot this on this forum. There are way too many variables, and you're using way too primitive a version of the program for anything to be left to chance.