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    dynamic headers based on paragraph styles


      Thank you for reading this.

      I have a large book (1000 pages) in which I need to add different headers, almost every two pages. It’s a book based on the days of the year, and the header most be different every day.  I am basing it a lot on Paragraph Styles.

      I wonder: Is there any way to make the headers refer automatically to the text of the last Style “Sample Style” applied? (Whether in the same page, or the last one.)

      MS Word has this feature. It’s weird I cannot find something  like that in InDesign.  There is, I believe, a way to put the headers referring to the Section Name, but I end up with the same problem.  I’d prefer if they would refer to the Styles of the page.

      Any suggestions are warmly welcome.


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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          In the Type Menu you find text variables, beyond others, you can target them to a Paragraph or Character Style. Of course you have to work with Paragraph Styles.

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            carloscarmel Level 1

            Thank you for your answer.



            I have tried The crossed references, and text variables, but i am clumsy and couldn't get what i wanted. Perhaps you could explain a bit further?

            In case there is a doubt about my needs:



            Here's the deal:

            1.-I want to put headers in the master page right? So they appear in everypage.

            2.- But i want those headers to be, in some way, automatically referenced, to the last instance of the style "Title" (For Example); So that, if in the current page, there is a Text "Die 23 Januarii" with the Style "Title" That Text will be placed automatically in the header of the current page. If there is no text with that syle in the page, then it gets the last instance, let´s say, for example in the last page; there is the text "Die 31 Decembris", then that text will be applied to my header.

            3.- OR, ANOTHER WAY,  (probably a cleaner way) would be to get the section markers to do that. I mean, to get the document to be divided automatically, in section markers, depending on the ocurrences of the Style "Title".



            It seems complicated, but i cannot believe Word has it, and InDesign does not seem to have such a thing. I must be wrong! I am sure there's something for that.




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              Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant
              1. Yes, they have to be on the master, I would recommend to put it on its own layer on the top.
              2. Check Last in the text variable definition
              3. Section markers are static and not such a good tool for that.