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    Missing photos, won't let me export


      I uploaded some photos yesterday and had to unplug my SD card after I had already edited the photos. They are now saying that the file can not be found and I can't find the originals anywhere on my computer and it will not let me export my edited photos. How can I resolve this issue?

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          Then during the import you didn't Copy the images from the SD card to your hard drive. LR has been good about seeing camera memory cards and automatically selecting the Copy option in thew import window but you must of had the Add option selected so it just added the files on the SD card to the catalog and when you removed the SD card the images went missing. Hopefully you haven't formatted that SD card in the camera yet and you can Delete, Remove from the Catalog, the original import then Re-import them with the Copy option selected. Or you could try manually copying the images from the SD card to the folder you store your images in then Reconnect those images to where you copied them.