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    How to make backgrounds transparent with greyscale or bitmap images?


      I know that if it's a black image I can just use the "multiply" mode on the transparency panel to drop out the background. That doesn't work though if I want to use a lighter color against a dark. I also use clipping paths for all kinds of things but in this case I'm dealing with lots of logos reproduced at a very small size and I feel that using clipping paths for this will be problematic, not to mention time consuming. Is there an easy file type/method for being able to generate images that I can make any color I want in InDesign and still drop out the background, no matter what color objects the images are sitting on top of? 


      I'm using CS4 (I know, ancient at this point!) and I need to be able to print the file, so it has to be a method that works CMYK and will work reliably on digital printing equipment.


      Thanks in advance.