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    log on to Adobe Cloud ... so many times

    Tim86 Level 1

      I enjoy the way Acrobat for Windows works - under a Windows profile you key in your Adobe (cloud) username and password once and it's assumed every time you log onto Windows with that same user profile, the same Adobe credentials belong to that user. In other words, I don't need to log in every time I used Acrobat.


      Contrast that experience with the iOS app and it seems a different philosophical stance has been taken. On the iPad I have to authenticate to the Cloud by keying in my password every time I use Acrobat iOS. Worse still, sometimes when I load a new Cloud stored document, the app seems to want to re-authenticate even though I was using the app as an authenticated user just a few seconds earlier. Yes, it seems to log me out under some conditions.

      Perhaps I am doing something wrong? If not ... Come on, I have a 6 digit passcode or a thumb scan to get me into iOS. Surely you can apply the same Windows philosophy and assume passing through those machine level authentication milestones is enough? And, if not, make your iOS authentication philosophy public so that an informed dialogue on the matter can take place.