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    Recently open list sporadic at best

    Tim86 Level 1

      I really like the idea of being able to open PDF on my iOS device that were recently open on Windows. This integrated workflow across disparate operating system platforms is, IMO, a great strategic opportunity for Adobe.


      If only it worked consistently.


      At the last Acrobat update on iOS my Recent list of files was fully populated. Prior to that it was populated with only a couple of (what appeared to be) randomly selected ones. The day after the update and the list is sparsely populated again. Those in the list were not my most recently opened files either. A week or two later and I try again; I get a full list. Another time and I'm back to sparse.


      Any thoughts as to why the patchy Recent success? I am on Windows V10 1511 build 10586.122 and iOS 9.2.1