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    CUDA installation for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780?


      Hi guys!

      Four months ago, in my previous installation of my Windows7-64, my CUDA cards were installed and working optimally together with Adobe Premiere CC 5.5. Unfortunately, I had to reinstall Win7 with a clear installation. Now trouble to let Premiere CC .5 to recognize card installed with CUDA support.


      What is done; I have the latest NVIDIA driver for the card installed. In my NVIDIA control panel's CUDA engaged, and Adobe Premiere are also included as dedicated CUDA support. Nevertheless, Mercury playback Engine does not appear under Sequence >> Composition >> Playback. Previously it was a Mercury CUDA engine listed here, today only "Hardware (If Supported)." Of Course, "The secret" file cuda_supported_cards.txt" are supported wit my GPU name, exactly as my

      TechPower Up GPU-z has realize my CUDA GPU card name.


      What more can I check out? Grateful for any advice and tips.