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    Cannot save the document. It may be opened by other applications.....


      Various machines in our network are having the following issue, it seems to appear random and on various files.

      Files seem to be able to do a normal 'Save' and suddenly give the following error:

      Cannot save the document. It may be opened by other applications. Close applications and try again. You may also use saveas to save it into a new document.

      Save as works fine.

      I have read about people having InDesign crash after this message ( InDesign cannot save the document  ), this has not happened to us.

      There are people that have continued to work on the document after this message, and have then been able to magically save again after a while. There are also times where a Save As is needed.

      Certain users have reported that a [read only] text is placed behind the file-name when this happens.


      Machines are running OSX 10.10.5 and CC2015. This issue never appeared in CC2014.

      Files are located on a OSX server running 10.10.

      We are also running FontAgent Pro 6.502 / Avast Mac security on these machines.


      Does anyone have any idea what causes these problems, they are highly annoying.