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    Trubles Lightroom 6 after changing to El Captain Operating System on my IMAC.


      Dear Sir.



      Last week I changed to El Captain Operating System on my IMAC.


      I am a PROF Photographer, and I am using LIGHTROOM 6.



      I have small special problem, when I import new photos.



      I have been using Lightroom 6 in nearly one year, and before changing to El Captain Operating System I never had any troubles.


      Friday last week I made a TEST shooting. First I shote 4 photos from the same view point, second I shote 4 new photos from the same new view point.


      When I import those photos the numbering is correct. But Lightroom MIX photos from the two view points.


      In Daly using you will have a big problem. First you shoot a several of portrait photos. Later you change shooting location photos to the same client this day.


      Bach to import in studio all photos from portrait and location part will be mixed.


      Very bad.


      Can you help me?


      Some thing most have happen with the adjustment in my Lightroom, when chained to El Captain.




      When I have up grate to Lightroom 6,4 the design of the import page in Lightroom changed back to old look. Before up grate 6,4 a new design of the IMPORT page was used,?





      I have decided not to inter CLOID and use Lightroom on my IPAD etc.


      But every day my Lightroom 6 ask me in the top to inter.


      Can you help here to ?

      Regards Mogens Skou