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    Dimming of the image when you move from the Library module to the develop module




      I have a mac book pro retina mid 2014 with lightroom 5.7 on it.

      I recently updated to OS El Capitan v. 10.11.03.

      After the upgrade i started having a problem when moving from the library panel to the developing panel. In the library panel the image looks fine and you can see all the changes i made in the developing panel.

      When moving to the develop panel, the image first looks accurate and after about a second dims down dramatically and becomes grey (No changes in the histogram). When moving back to library module the image goes back to normal.

      Its worth mentioning that when my computer is connected to my external Eizo screen there is no problem on the Eizo screen but the problem remains on the retina screen buit in to the laptop.


      At the moment i cant do any editing on my laptop screen


      Can any body help

      I am getting desperate.