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    Lightroom 6 error message when moving files


      Here is my Lightroom problem. I installed LR 6 on a new iMac OS X El capitan 10.11.3 First I copied my LR photo files to my internal hard drive. I loaded LR an copied the Lr catalog.ircat and ir.data to the correct file, launched LR then used the imported act and data files to relaunch LR, and imported all photo files. All 18010 photo files went into one file, no sub folders showing. I deleted all files from my internal hd hooked up my external hd relinked all photos then tried to move files in LR but I keep on getting this error message.


      I can not get the grab screen shot to show here, but says. There was an error coping files to the destination you selected. The following files could not be copied: (then list the files)


      Any help would be welcome and appreciate.

      I'm tempted to uninstall lr then reinstall bypass moving photos to the hd hoping I can then move files in LR.