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    Virtual Pet?


      Good afternoon!


      May be a slightly ridiculous question, but I am looking to create a virtual pet app for my final year project at University and I would like to include functionality that allows the pets to evolve after a specific period of time and change into different creatures based on a set of predetermined factors on how the user has interacted with the pet up until that point... (That was a painfully long sentence, apologies!)


      I'm a bit of an amateur when it comes to using Animate - is this something that I would be able to build in? Ideally it would function very similar to a Tamagotchi (for those of you that were around and remember the 90's).


      Thank you all for your help!



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          JosephLabrecque Adobe Community Professional

          Hi there.


          Sure. You could use Animate for this. In fact - you have a number of choices depending upon your target platform and language skills. You could build a mobile app, a desktop app, or a web app. The important thing, I imagine, for something like this would be the ability to preserve state and interaction data. All compatible platforms are capable of this.

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            tattooedtriforce Level 1

            Wonderful! That's great news, thank you so much, I'll continue to learn and research into using Animate then. Ideally I'm wanting to make it a mobile app, currently working on character design, and as long as I can set the values for evolution I'm thrilled!


            Thanks again for your help!

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              ClayUUID Adobe Community Professional

              Tamagotchi-level "evolution" algorithms are scarcely more complicated than a bunch of if-then statements, so of course any Turing-complete language would be able to handle it. Heck, Excel could probably handle it.