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    PDFs Not Attaching to Email with Android Share function

    mlstechwriter71 Level 1

      While using the Adobe Mobile app across multiple Samsung Galaxy tablets, our crew in the field is having issues attaching a filled PDF form via the Android Share function to a email.


      The issue is that any crew member needs to Share and send the PDF multiple times before it shows up as an actual attachment.

      When using the Share function, on their end the file appears attached.

      However when we receive the email on our laptop the attachment does not appear, and we have to prompt them to try again.

      There appears to be no rhyme or reason why an attachment will actually attach or require 3 or 4 attempts to finally appear.


      Has anyone experience this issue?


      The email program being used is the native program on the tablets in most cases, but I tried it with Gmail and had the same issue.


      Is there something that needs to be configured, or is this another Acrobat DC "glitch"?


      Thanks for any help,