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    Possible hidden return in Text layer????

    mikekazin@turn5 Level 1

      At work I have a few PCs with an issue, all the same.  The original issue was that the NUMBERS effect in a template we use is not aligning properly.  I have figured out the probable cause of it but can't figure out the solution.  When using the one computer that this works for, you highlight text (any text) and it highlights properly.  Go to the 3 other computers and if you highlight text, it highlights the text along with highlighting under the text almost like there is a hidden RETURN at the end of the line.  All the layer properties are the same between all computers including everything in the CHARACTER and PARAGRAPH tabs.  It's like something on these PCs is telling AE to apply a hidden return at the end of any text line and I can't figure out how to fix it.  Any ideas?