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    Creative Cloud Desktop App Update forces all programs to shut down


      System: Windows 8.1


      I logged into my machine this morning and loaded up Creative Cloud to ensure all my apps were up to date


      When I opened it, it prompted me that the Creative Cloud App needed to be updated to 3.5.1209


      I clicked Install Now and it proceeded to start installing.


      Shortly before completing, it caused all of my applications on my computer to close out as it if was trying to initiate a shut down/restart.  However it never progresses further than closing all of my applications.


      I am unable to open up Task Manager, as it immediately closes it. I am unable to do a shutdown as it closes all prompts.  My only option was a hard shutdown.


      I have attempted this 3 times all with the same result.


      I can still open Photoshop, Illustrator etc and use them, but not access Creative Cloud App as it will only prompt me to upgrade or Quit.


      Any ideas?