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    Unknown error, Animate is quitting

    Sufferincats Level 1

      This has happened four times since installing Animate. Fortunately a save window appears after the alert. If you don't save, the file becomes corrupted. After losing a day's work I posted a request on this forum for a way to recover but there is none. This is a bug Adobe should address right away. A similar crash resulting in a corrupted file used to happen with Flash 8 but subsequent versions were more stable. Adobe please listen, if Animate can't be trusted it will be unusable. At the very least there should be a method to recover a corrupt file.

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          If I may add a piece to this puzzle, I noticed that once when this happened my tablet behaved oddly with the draw tool, it was mid draw and the error popped up, yet the draw still followed my stylus even though it wasn't in contact with the tablet. Only when it was out of range did the line disappear. So the glitch may have something to do with the tablet. To provide further info, I'm running Mac, Latest OS, (Pretty sure) Latest Animate (Sure) No other apps were running during Animate's run time, Using Wacom Intuos tablet (model CTL -480) But I don't know if the Wacom drivers are up to date.

          May I ask your specs? (Operating system, if your using a tablet, other apps running?)


          Also totally agree adobe, please address this issue. I will contact you directly if no one else has input...

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            Preran Adobe Employee

            Apologize for the inconvenience. If you have a purchased version of Adobe Animate, send me your Adobe ID (email ID associated with your Adobe account, location, and phone number. We will get in touch with you for investigation. To send a private message, click my picture and use the Message button.




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              marsie-the-mu Level 1

              Well, I do have the purchased version, (I recently upgraded from an older version, I love the new version) But the error hasn't come up since I tried the method explained here. Which makes me think I just need to update my tablet drivers... But I'll still send you my email  so you can get my info, cause the software has had some unexplained crashes as well. Plus it could help others as I'm clearly not the only one with this issue.

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                jacobp64842714 Level 1

                I believe that this is the source of the problem. I've been experiencing this bug a couple of times today and it is pretty annoying.