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    Single-sourced alpha list is randomly ignoring space between letter and text


      I'm single-sourcing my FM book into RH (TCS version 2015). I've auto-mapped my FM paragraph styles in RH, and in the Conversion Settings, told RH to Convert Autonumber to Text. This has worked perfectly, except for one weird thing: if I have an alpha list that extends to G, the space between the period and the following text disappears. When looking at the HTML for the list, it looks like this:


      The yellow highlighted part is how it should appear. The blue highlighted area is what G is automatically converted to. It's in every topic linked from that FM book that has a long alpha list - not just this one.


      I can manually fix this by adding that span tag, but that defeats the purpose of single-sourcing. I shouldn't have to go through all topics that have a long alpha list and fix this. Why is it doing this, and how do I fix it?